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Zakopane Poland is far from being one of the largest cities in the country, but it is one of the most picturesque Polish towns you could ever hope to come across. Considered by many to be Poland’s “Winter Capital,” this fun, festive, attractive little mountain village offers plenty to travelers no matter what time of the year they arrive. It’s hard to beat the wintertime skiing in the nearby rugged Tatry Mountains. Sightseers are captivated by spectacular Morskie Oko Lake, only a short distance away. The three peaks of the Giewont, which is the highest of all the Tatra Mountains in the beautiful Carpathians, form a scenic backdrop for the village and it’s a great place for hiking. The Giewont is more than just a pretty place, however. It holds a unique place in Polish legend and culture. The three peaks that form it are said to really be the body of a bold knight who has been sleeping for hundreds of years. According to the legend, the knight will awake and save the Polish people when a serious threat is looming. The village’s famed Krupowki Street is a fun and entertaining place to take an afternoon or evening stroll, with plenty of Zakopane hotels, restaurants, museums and other things to see and do within close proximity. Although much of the appeal of Zakopane Poland revolves around wintertime activities, hiking on the Giewont, a stroll around beautiful Morskie Oko Lake, and the cultural activities and historical sites to be found on and near Krupowki Street make a stay in one of the Zakopane hotels well worth your while even in the summertime. No matter what time of year you visit this little Polish mountain town, it will be well worth the time and money. Take some of your treasured vacation or holiday time and spend it exploring Zakopane and its many attractions. By all means enjoy the skiing, if you visit during the winter. If your trip will take place during one of the summer months, you’ll be able to do some terrific hiking in the area, and you’ll never lack for cultural activities. The sightseeing in the region surrounding Zakopane is unsurpassed in all of Poland. Overall, it’s a terrific combination and a great travel destination.