Zakopane Attractions

Zakopane Poland is well known for being a popular ski resort town, and for good reason, as the Tatry Mountains are certainly a sight to see, and they are mountains that every skier wants to ski. But there are plenty of other sights to see and attractions to enjoy in the small town of Zakopane as well. There are different types of attractions and activities to enjoy during each of the well-defined four seasons, and then there are those things in Zakopane that you can enjoy no matter what time of year you visit the wonderful Polish mountain town.

Whether you prefer activities that take place indoors, or you would rather be outside taking in the scenery, there is something to do in Zakopane that you will find exciting. Booking your airline tickets and quoting all of the Zakopane hotels in order to find a great price are the difficult parts of planning your vacation, and after the work is all done it only makes sense to get to your destination and enjoy everything there is to enjoy in the town, beyond the main attraction that the town is known for. To be sure, a trip to Zakopane without a trip to the Tatry Mountains would surely not be complete, but those who do not spend some time taking in the culture of the town are cheating themselves out of a captivating cultural journey. There are three attractions in particular that will truly reveal to you the cultural personality of Zakopane.

  • Zakopane Architecture – One way to get a good feel for the culture of the town of Zakopane is by taking an architectural journey of the town. In this respect Zakopane is very unique compared to other Polish towns and cities. In fact, the architecture that characterizes the homes and buildings in Zakopane are so unique that the name given to the style is the “Zakopane Style.” The individual responsible for the development of the very unique architectural style was the well-known architect (among other things), Stanislaw Witkiewicz. Some of the impressive buildings in the town date back as far as the early 1890s, and some of them are still as beautiful today as they always have been. One of the buildings designed by Stanislaw even houses a museum of the entire architectural style for visitors and future generations to be able to learn about the town’s architectural history. The Villa Koliba is easy to get to if you are staying in one of the Zakopane hotels located right in the center of everything, and it is well-worth a visit if you do decide to explore through an architectural journey. Some of the other charming architectural beauties you may want to see include the old wooden church on Koscieliska Street, the Church of St. Family on Krupowki Street, and Villa Atma on Kasprusie Street. All of these wonderful examples of Zakopane architecture are in fairly close proximity to each other, so a trip to see all of them is easy and does not take more than approximately two hours, and it will be a journey that you surely appreciate.
  • Morskie Oko Lake – Another major attraction in Zakopane, particularly during the spring and summer months, is Morskie Oko Lake. The lake sits at the base of the Tatra Mountains, so not only is the lake a stunning sight to see, but you also get a spellbinding view of the mountains and the Giewont peaks as well. There are other lakes at the base of the Tatry as well, but none quite as beautiful as Morskie Oko. There are plenty of things to do in the lake area, some things involving larger groups of people and events put together by the locals, others suitable to do by yourself or with your friends or family. There are plenty of spots that offer the perfect setting for a picnic lunch and plenty of places ideal for hiking and simply taking in the scenery. Events by the lake tend to take place more so in the spring and summer months, but there is no reason why you can’t explore the lake on your own any time of year. Since the lake is more accessible than others that sit at the base of the Tatry Mountains, a trip there will hardly take any time out of your vacation at all and it will be one of the most worthwhile attractions that you get to see.
  • Krupowki Street – Last but certainly not least, in fact probably the most popular tourist attraction in Zakopane, is Krupowki Street. The street itself is beautiful, and there is plenty to occupy the adventurous tourist as well. There are all manner of shops and services offered at various locations along the street, and plenty of restaurants at which to try some delicious Polish food, something you cannot leave Zakopane without doing. The architecture and design of many of the buildings along the way is something to enjoy as well. During certain times of year the whole street, including those buildings, will be adorned with seasonal decorations, particularly during the Christmas season, making the street even more beautiful. And to really experience Polish and Zakopane culture a great time of year to visit is during the Highland Folklore International Festival. Whether you have a specific reason to visit Krupowki Street or not, just the sight it is to see is reason enough alone to take a stroll down this historic street.

There are all kinds of attractions in Zakopane that are each worth seeing for their own reasons. These three in particular, though, will not only amaze you with their imagery but they will also teach you something about Polish culture and history as well. This is what traveling around the world is all about, submersing yourself into other cultures, learning their history, and returning home with lasting memories. This is exactly what these Zakopane attractions will do for you during your Zakopane Poland holiday.