If you have not visited the beautiful city of Zakopane Poland, you are definitely in for a treat.  The city is full of history and beauty to explore and enjoy.  The Polish Tatra Mountains create a breathtaking backdrop for the city and provide tourists with endless opportunities to get outdoors and enjoy the city’s beautiful weather and scenery.  In fact, outdoor activities are very popular in Zakopane because there are so many things to enjoy in and around the city.  One way to see the city and the outlying areas is by taking a Segway tour.

If you are unfamiliar with Segways, they are personalized transportation devices that allow you to “ride” instead of walking. Segways have two wheels that allow you to stand upright, lean forward and balance as the segway rides over several different types of terrain.  Segways are great for people who cannot walk long distances but want the experience of a walking tour of the city. They also allow guides to take tourists longer distances during the tours as most Segways can travel as far as 24 miles without needed to be recharged. Segways are safe, easy to ride and fun for all ages. Typically, children as young as 12 are allowed to ride a Segway on most tours so it is a fun Zakopane family excursion and a wonderful way to see the city.  Kids love to ride the Segway and parents love the fact that they are seeing historical sites and beautiful views.

Most Zakopane Segway tours begin about mid-morning with a short training session so those who have never ridden a Segway can get comfortable with riding before the tour begins.  Most tours use wireless communication so that everyone in the group can clearly hear the guide and will not miss any information during the tour.  Safety is stressed and everyone riding the Segways must wear a helmet at all times.  Advance reservations usually are required and are high recommended as Segway tours are a popular Zakopane tourist attraction.

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