Beach Destinations

Is there anything more restful and soothing than feeling grains of sand pushing their way between your toes as you’re walking barefoot down a beach? Well, maybe it’s listening to the rhythmic sounds of the surf coming in … or being surrounded by gorgeous fish and other marine life on a diving adventure in the warm, crystal-clear waters encircling an exotic tropical isle.

The links we’ve assembled below share information about some of the world’s top beach destinations. Whether you’re interested in diving, snorkeling, jet skiing, swimming in the surf, playing beach volleyball, sunbathing, taking in the romantic sunsets at an isolated cove, or simply enjoying your favorite beverage on the beach, these sites are sure to be interesting and helpful. We’ve checked them all out thoroughly, and every one of them will tell you about that destination’s sights, activities and weather. But besides all that, they’ll also give you helpful information on local hotels and other accommodations.

So, if you’re looking for a holiday or vacation destination that focuses on sparkling sandy beaches and the romance and water sports that go with them, take a look at these travel and tourism sites. They’re on our “Recommended” list and relate to top-rated destinations like Majorca, the Maldives Islands, Anacapri and several resort towns on the Baltic Sea. We’ll be adding new links from time to time, but we’ll always carefully evaluate them before we do.

There’s one important link on our list that doesn’t relate to just a single beach destination: Airlines Northwest. Unlike the other sites on this page, Airlines Northwest has helpful information about multiple worldwide travel and tourism destinations, but it’s primarily a booking site that can help you make your flight, hotel and rental car arrangements.

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