Ski Destinations

Whether you love to ski, snowboard or marvel at majestic mountain vistas, things just don’t get a whole lot better than a trip to one of the world-class ski resorts that perch high in Europe’s rugged Alps. You even have your choice of countries to visit: resorts in Switzerland, Austria, France and Italy are all known for their winter sports, magnificent views, and après-ski scenes. And then there’s Zakopane - one of the Polish ski destinations that are just beginning to be discovered by people based in North America or Western Europe.

We’ve carefully prepared the list of ski destination links you’ll see below, and we can honestly recommend all of them (we’ve checked them all out thoroughly). Each link takes you to a site that’s dedicated to providing top quality, helpful information about a specific ski resort. And these aren’t just “any old ski resorts” – they’re some of the most renowned in the world. They include destinations like Chamonix, the French gateway to fabulous Mont Blanc and the site of the first-ever Winter Olympics; Zermatt, Grindelwald, Interlaken, Montreux and other resorts in the beautiful Swiss Alps; Courmayeur, the Italian gateway to Mont Blanc; and the previously mentioned Zakopane, Poland.

Of course, once you decide on the specific destination you’d like to visit, you’ll need to make arrangements for your flight, hotel, and possibly a rental car. That’s why we’ve also included a link to Airlines Northwest. Their website can help you do all of those things.

We’ll be adding links to sites relating to more top-rated ski destinations, but don’t worry – we won’t recommend any site without checking it carefully first!

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