Miscellaneous Other Sites

On two other pages, we’ve listed a number of links to websites that we know provide helpful, quality information about top-rated beach destinations and ski destinations. We feel very comfortable recommending all of those websites because we checked them all thoroughly before adding them to our “Recommended” list.

That being said, we know that people frequently look for information about travel destinations that don’t have anything to do with skiing or beaches. They’re searching for information about a different type of destination – somewhere in Asia, perhaps. Or maybe they’re looking for hotels in Polish cities, for example.

Other people aren’t interested at all in travel abroad, but they are looking for helpful information on other topics. That’s why we created this list of “Miscellaneous Other Sites” we’re happy to recommend. Like the sites we recommend on our Beach Destinations and Ski Destinations links pages, we’ve carefully checked each and every one of these sites and we know they’re reputable.

If you want to book travel arrangements like flights, hotels or car rental for almost any destination in the world, check out the Airlines Northwest website. If you are looking for green technology information, you have found the right place! Green technology Info is a comprehensive source of information for all things related to sustainable living and environmental technology.

Dog-lovers can’t go wrong by going to Dog and Puppy Information. We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for information on trips to see Asia or hotels in Warsaw or Krakow, Poland.

Check back often because we’ll be adding new links on an ongoing basis. You can trust these sites because we’ll always evaluate them first.

Airlines Northwest
At Airlines Northwest you can book hotel stays and find cheap airline tickets simply, making the process a breeze.

Krakow Hotels
Any one of the best Krakow hotels will provide you with a wonderful Krakow accommodation for your Krakow Poland vacation.

Dogs Information
Puppy Care tips and other Dogs Information for proper pet training and to avoid serious Dog Health Problems.

Green Technology Info
Green Technology Info provides current information on green technology, sustainable homes, green living, and smart home designs for now and the future.

Sustainable Technology
Sustainable Technology provides up-to-date communication about sustainable technology, environmental practices, sustainable design, eco-friendly lifestyles and living on a green planet.