The Exciting Zakopane Nightlife

Many of the more than 200,000 visitors that travel to Zakopane every year do so because they want to ski or hike the spectacular Tatry Mountains, but all of these visitors have to have something to do during the hours that skiing or hiking isn’t possible too. For this reason there is not surprisingly an active nightlife to keep visitors busy after hours during their stay in Zakopane. Most of the action takes place within the same general area, making it easy for visitors to find their way around, and there is a variety of different types of establishments as well, with something suitable available for anyone. The majority of the hotspots are located right on Krupowki Street, within close proximity to all of the excitement as well as many of the Zakopane hotels that travelers tend to frequent. So since finding a place to relax and unwind or to get your dance on will not be any trouble, the only thing you really have to concern yourself with is deciding which places are your style, or which places you want to experience. There are a few popular hot spots in particular that tend to be frequented by the locals and the tourist crowds alike, making them great places to not only have a few drinks but also to experience Zakopane culture and maybe even make some new friends from Zakopane as well.

Laid-Back Nightlife Spots

  • Café Sabala – Café Sabala is a bar that is located within a hotel, but it still gets rave reviews from many of the patrons that end up visiting there, whether they are staying in the hotel itself or in one of the many other Zakopane hotels. The atmosphere has a “highlander” feel, yet the glass covered rooftop terrace offers a simple twist of modernity. One of the things that Café Sabala is known for, in fact, is its Highlander Tea, which not surprisingly includes vodka, the liquor that Poland is known for. The atmosphere and the drinks are what make this one of the top nighttime hotspots in Zakopane.
  • Café Piano – If you are a fan of the piano then Café Piano is a must-see for you too, and even if you are not quite sure about how much you like piano it is a bar worth visiting anyway. As with most piano bars, Café Piano is definitely on the more laid-back side, but that doesn’t mean that the jazz commonly played there doesn’t pick up in tempo a little bit every now and then in order to make for an ideal atmosphere for dancing. What is most unique about this bar, though, is the swinging seats that guests get to sit in, which are an experience all their own.
  • Paparazzi – Paparazzi is another establishment with a laid-back atmosphere, mellow music, and fairly elegant décor, and they serve some of the best local cocktails. The bar is located where all of the actions is, right on Krupowki Street, and is popular among both locals as well as visitors. Although the indoor bar area is a lovely place to enjoy a few drinks, during the summer months it is even more enjoyable to sit outside and enjoy your cocktails while watching Zakopane nightlife take place and all of the partiers walking by. Whether you decide to spend your whole night here or just stop in on your way to other places, Paparazzi is definitely worth a visit.

More Pumped Up Nightlife Scenes

  • Va Va Voom – Va Va Voom is more like a club than a bar and it is much more modern than some of the other area hotspots, as it is still very new. The club caters to a more sophisticated clubbing crowd, so you will not hear the usual heart pounding, head thumping techno that so many clubs in Europe tend to play. Instead you will be treated to only the best DJs from around the world as well as more local locations. The décor of the club is definitely interesting and the atmosphere is very sexy. If you are looking for a true nightlife hotspot while you are staying in Zakopane then this is definitely one of the places to be.
  • Prestige – For those that want to find a totally club-like experience and do not want to leave Krupowki Street Prestige is a perfect place to be. The atmosphere at Prestige is far from the mountaineering feel that you get from many of the local bars, as it has a much more sophisticated and sultry feel. The décor features smooth lines, sexy colors, and contemporary style, and the music featured there might be anything form hip hop to Latino. The variety of music alone makes Prestige exciting, but the atmosphere is just as exciting if a nightlife experience is what you are looking for.
  • Genesis – Last but not least, for those looking for a hot and wild club experience, there is Genesis. This is a club that is a bit more modern than some of the others that you will find in Zakopane and it offers a ton of excitement. In addition to smoke machines and neon lights you will also find great drinks here and a hopping dance floor. Although Genesis is not located right on the popular Krupowki Street it is popular among both locals as well as visitors, so if you decide to stop in here during your stay in Zakopane you will be sure to find some excitement here.

You might not picture such a small ski resort town having such an active and exciting nightlife but you will be pleasantly surprised when you get there. Skiing is not the only thing that Zakopane locals do and it doesn’t have to be the only thing you do either when you are here. Whether you are looking for a quiet place to sit and have a few drinks or a raucous place to toss back some good vodka and get your groove on you can find it in Zakopane.