A Family-Friendly Ski Vacation in Zakopane

Zakopane Poland is a premier ski destination, and this is definitely the reason for most tourists visiting here, but skiing or no skiing, Zakopane is still a great place for a family vacation too.  During any season families can find something exciting to do in the town and in the surrounding mountains, and there are even Zakopane hotels designed with the entire family in mind.

On any family vacation you want there to be a mixture of both fun and educational activities, as you want your children to enjoy themselves, but you also want to give them the opportunity to learn about other cultures as well.  Polish culture is certainly an interesting and exciting culture to learn and there are plenty of opportunities to do so.  Between some of those and some more fun-filled activities you will surely have a good time during your Zakopane family vacation, and there are few things in particular that you will want to make sure you enjoy while you are there.

  • The Aqua Park – Every kid right up to near adulthood loves to spend a day at the water park, and the Aqua Park in Zakopane is a special place to spend a day.  The water park is completely indoors, so you can visit regardless of what time of year you take a holiday in Zakopane.  And there is plenty to do there to keep you busy for a day.
  • A Chairlift Ride – A chairlift ride offers some great views of the natural surroundings that characterize Zakopane.  Many people automatically assume that ski lift rides are for the winter, but they are just as enjoyable, if not more so, during the summer, spring, and fall months too.  Kids will love the experience, even if they are too young to fully appreciate the views.
  • Polish Cuisine – To give your children a true taste of Polish culture you will have to be sure to take them to an authentic Polish restaurant for some authentic Polish cuisine.  There are plenty of delicious dishes that they will be sure to love, and you will get your chance to enjoy something not completely designed for kids.
  • Zakopane Architecture – Finally, you will want to take your family on a tour to see some of the amazing Zakopane style architecture too.  Your tour should also include the Zakopane style architectural museum as well, as your family will learn a great deal about the history of the style, and the town itself.

It’s true that most people go to Zakopane to ski, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great place for families.  A family holiday in Zakopane will be sure to leave lasting memories.

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