Accommodation Options Available in Zakopane

ZakopaneWherever you go on vacation there are usually multiple different options available in regards to accommodations.  And while some of the options will be typical ones that you would likely see in most places, others may be unique to the specific area you are in.  This is why you want to know what your options are before you decide on an accommodation in a certain destination.

Zakopane has a little bit of both in regards to accommodations, both those that are typical in most places, as well as those more unique to a specific area.  While for some the convenience of locations right in town are more desirable, for others privacy and seclusion are the ultimate goal.  Either way, you will have absolutely no trouble finding exactly what you want in Zakopane Poland.  There are a few options in Zakopane, though, that will offer a more unique experience than staying in just any old average hotel.

  • Hostels – Hostels are one of the more inexpensive accommodations that can be stayed in when visiting Zakopane.  They tend to be characterized by dorm style rooms that sleep a number of people and shared bathrooms, as well as community entertainment rooms.  Although this is not the ideal type of accommodation for a family, it is perfect for the budget minded individual or couple that are simply there for the sake of traveling and seeing the scenery.
  • Cottages – Cottages offer much more privacy than most accommodation options and they are usually quite well maintained and equipped.  Both small cottages as well as larger ones can be found throughout the town.  Although they are a bit more expensive than the typical hotel room, the separate bedrooms make for a sharable option if there are additional travelers in your group.  Sharing a cottage can be even less expensive than a hotel room.
  • Guest Houses – If you are traveling with a very large group your best accommodation option may be a guest house.  These typically sleep as many as 50 people and are rather large in size.  Everything you need is usually provided for you, in many cases even including skiing equipment.  While something like this will surely be pricey, renting one with that many people will make for an interesting vacation.

There are many factors that will determine which kind of accommodation you stay in during your stay in Zakopane.  Knowing what is there will definitely help you make the ultimate decision though.

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