The Best Things to do in Zakopane Poland

Zakopane PolandMay you be new to a certain place or have tried visiting several times on it, it can’t be denied the one of the things we are always up to in going there are the activities it offers. Most probably, this is because of the uniqueness each activity delivers.  There may be same activities done in other places but the fact remains that there are differences still.

One of the best places to visit is Zakopane Poland. May it be winter or summer, rain or shine; you can really ensure that you would enjoy your stay anytime you visit the place as there are varieties of activities to try.

Zakopane is just one of the towns Poland has.  It comes with varieties of activities every guest could do and enjoy, regardless of the weather the town may come up with. In this article, you will get to know what available fun activities are during summer and so as winter.

Summer in Zakopane

People have different tastes in terms of choosing a place to stay and activities to play. Eventually, in Zakopane, you can either come here during summer or if you prefer, you can come here on the winter days. No matter when you come, you know you have something to do in this place still.

There are a lot of activities can be done during summer in Zakopane. And the following are just some of the things you can do during your stay.


When we say summer, it’s a dry season. That’s the time as well that, sports are in. There are a lot of sports activities guests can do at Zakopane. Tennis is among them and is very common in the place. With the dry pace it has, sports like tennis is really a good play to have and a must try indeed.


Part of the activities you can do in the place is wandering. By exploring the town, you will be able to see the views and attractions the place has. You will not just enjoy the scenery it has but you also get to learn more about the place.


If you are a fan of cycling, you can do such activity here at Zakopane. You will get to travel the whole town easily and even explore on the mountains doing such.


Aquatic activities are also in during summer and that very much open for adventurous kind of person. Wakeboarding for instance is just one of the activities you can do at the beach of Zakopane. This is very common most of the time during the summer.


Very common to many, hitting a party is indeed one of the best activities to try. Although such activity can be availed anytime, anywhere, party thrown in Zakopane has something to offer that others don’t have making the night life in this place really interesting to try.


With the good weather during summer, camping is among the activities every guest, may you be with your friends or family, you can really spend your vacation practically here. With the smart idea of camping in the nearby places, you don’t just get to experience how this certain activity works but you get to learn too.


Mountains and the like are some of the attractions you can see at Zakopane. During summer, hiking is the very common activity offered to many. When you get to try this one, you will be able to view the panorama view the place has and so as its overall wonder of nature that will definitely, catch your attention.

Sky Diving

Just like other places, sky diving is also available in Zakopane during summer. If you are a fan of sky diving, it is best for you to visit the place during summer instead. With its great activity services offered, you can ensure that your stay here is worth it. Explore and get to the adventure of sky diving Zakopane offers.


If you want something cool and more adventurous kind of activity during your stay in Zakopane on a summer season, take advantage of the river’s flow. Rafting is the best activity you can take and let it take away the stress you are going through.

Horse Riding

Get to explore the place by taking a ride of a horse. Aside from unwinding, you too can play in here. Horseback riding is very common to the place every summer and that, missing the chance to ride a horse during your stay won’t complete your vacation indeed. Thus, when you decide to come here during summer instead of winter, grab the opportunity to this activity with you.

Bungee Jumping

If breath taking kind of activity adventure is what you like, you may want to try Zakopane’s very own bungee jumping. Bungee Jumping Kraków, one of the highest places in Poland, here; you can do the jumping from a 90m high construction crane.

Winter Activities

If you happen to visit to Zakopane during winter, fret no more as there are still several activities that you can try in the place. The weather may affect other activities summer has to offer, activities done in winter will never put you out of place though.

There are a lot of winter-activities can be done at Zakopane Poland. And if you happen to visit during this season, here are just some of the things you can do on your stay.

Snowboarding and Skiing

For snowboarding and ski lovers, winter is indeed the best time to travel to Zakopane Poland. Several sports Olympics and Nordic World Ski Championships have been held in this place already and that it is known to be one of the best places to do such activities.

What makes this place very interesting is that it comes with plenty of ski resorts where you can learn or somehow, enhance your skills in skiing and snowboarding. If you happen to try this for the first, that would not be a problem as there are instructors available who can lend a help in teaching you the sports activities which is really a great factor the place offers indeed.

Ice Skating in Frozen Lake

If you miss the chance to go on rafting in Zakopane which offered during summer, you can go on ice skating in frozen lake instead. You may have not tried the adventurous rafting but at least, you get to experience skating on ice. It’s just a total the same experience still.  No need for that sad face to show up.

Riding Cable Car

When you find the taking those activities a waste of time, you can still unwind and enjoy the place by riding cable car to view the whole place and see its beautiful scenery instead. By riding cable car, you also get the chance to relax and see the nature of Zakopane that will make you fall in love most particularly during the snowfalls. This is much more perfect to do if you are with your loved one/s.

It’s not really necessary when to go on travel at Zakopane Poland. Whether you go here for summer or winter, whenever you want, you can really ensure yourself that you will leave the place happy and full of memories to keep.

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