Exciting Krupowki Street

Krupowki StreetIn any tourist destination there is always a certain part of the town or city that defines the local culture.  In major beach towns it is often the “boardwalk,” or the area along the beach.  In big cities it is usually a main street that runs through the busiest part of town.  In small mountain towns this area is usually located in the valleys.  And in Zakopane Poland this area is called Krupowki Street.

Krupowki Street lies in the center of the town of Zakopane and it is filled with all sorts or restaurants, bars, and shops that are the perfect places for tourists in the town to explore.  The absence of culture is not something that you will find here for sure, and in fact this is the most culture filled area of the town.  In addition to the shops and places to eat and drink that you will find here you will also find individuals selling certain local wares, such as handmade goods and freshly made food items, like the popular local cheese, Oscypek.  It is things such as these that will add to your Zakopane holiday experience, because things such as these are the way to truly experience Zakopane culture.

One of the best things about Krupowki Street, if all the action is not enough for you, is the variety of different architecture you will find along the street.  You will see everything from small huts, in which small shops are located, to larger traditional architecture that house restaurants and hotels, to older buildings that are still used as dwellings by Zakopane locals.  The diverse architecture along Krupowki Street alone makes it worth a visit during your Zakopane holiday.

Finally, in addition to all of the shops and the great restaurants serving both Polish and international cuisine, one of the best things about Krupowki Street is the entertainment you might find while you are there.  Often there is all manner of street entertainers mulling about, particularly in the warmer months and around the holidays, and these entertainers offer an even better way to experience Zakopane and Polish culture.  Street entertainment most often consists of song and/or dance and watching such performances is a great, and entertaining, way to spend an afternoon in Zakopane.

There are plenty of areas worth seeing during your stay in Zakopane, but Krupowki Street offers a great way to experience the local culture during your holiday.  Simply said, a holiday in Zakopane is not complete without a visit to Krupowki Street.

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