International Cuisine in Zakopane

While you certainly want to spend some serious time trying Polish cuisine when you are in Zakopane Poland, there is a good chance that you will want to change things up a little while you are there as well.  To be sure, there is a wide array of Polish dishes to choose from, and plenty to last you your entire holiday, but everybody likes a little variety in their life and there is plenty variety in the small town in regards to restaurants and types of food available in Zakopane.  There are a few restaurants in particular, though, that are frequented by both locals and visitors time and time again, and they are a great way to take a short break from the culinary wonders typical to Polish cuisine. 

  •  Dominium – Italian food is a favorite of people around the world, and it is a favorite of many in Polish cities too.  Although there are not many Italian restaurants in Zakopane, there are a few, and one in particular is really good at preparing one of everybody’s favorite Italian foods.  The pizza at Dominium is raved about, even though the restaurant is a chain restaurant.  They seem to prove over and over again that quality Italian food can come at a good price in Zakopane.
  • Kuchnia – Chinese is another type of cuisine that is popular across the globe, and although there is only one Chinese restaurant in Zakopane it will definitely provide the Chinese food fix that you are looking for.  In fact, Kuchnia is the place to go for not only Chinese dishes but Thai and Japanese as well, and even a few Polish dishes, although I recommend sticking to restaurants specializing in Polish cuisine for that.  Traditional oriental dishes are served and well worth taking the time to try when you want a little variety.
  •  Mala Szwajcaria – Finally, if you are looking to try something you don’t see all the time, you can try Swiss cuisine in Zakopane too.  Mala Szwajcaria offers up traditional Swiss cuisine which will surely warm the bones after a good day of skiing.  If you really want some comfort food your best bet is a delicious Swiss cheese fondue.  This is a very popular restaurant, as it offers something other than the traditional favorite cuisines.

There is no doubt you will eat plenty of Polish food while visiting Zakopane Poland, but there is plenty of opportunity for variety as well.  And these restaurants will get you off to a good start for sure.

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