The Phenomenon Polish Zakopane

Zakopane attractionsThe Polish town of Zakopane is one beauty that any tourist should visit during a tour to Poland. Zakopane is widely known as a mountain town due to the stunning mountains that are found around this town. The Tatry Mountains are the mountains that provide a spectacular sight that no visitor can resist to have a second look at. The Giewont is a must see sight for those who have a chance to visit the Tatry Mountains. Skiing and mountaineering are the most common activities in this Polish mountain town. However, there are other equally stunning attractions that any tourist will have an honor of experiencing. There are several captivating sceneries and outdoor activities that one can also enjoy during their Zakopane stay. One can also take some time and learn more about the town’s rich and exciting history.  Continue reading

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A Family-Friendly Ski Vacation in Zakopane

Zakopane Poland is a premier ski destination, and this is definitely the reason for most tourists visiting here, but skiing or no skiing, Zakopane is still a great place for a family vacation too.  During any season families can find something exciting to do in the town and in the surrounding mountains, and there are even Zakopane hotels designed with the entire family in mind.

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International Cuisine in Zakopane

While you certainly want to spend some serious time trying Polish cuisine when you are in Zakopane Poland, there is a good chance that you will want to change things up a little while you are there as well.  To be sure, there is a wide array of Polish dishes to choose from, and plenty to last you your entire holiday, but everybody likes a little variety in their life and there is plenty variety in the small town in regards to restaurants and types of food available in Zakopane.  There are a few restaurants in particular, though, that are frequented by both locals and visitors time and time again, and they are a great way to take a short break from the culinary wonders typical to Polish cuisine.  Continue reading

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