The Phenomenon Polish Zakopane

Zakopane attractionsThe Polish town of Zakopane is one beauty that any tourist should visit during a tour to Poland. Zakopane is widely known as a mountain town due to the stunning mountains that are found around this town. The Tatry Mountains are the mountains that provide a spectacular sight that no visitor can resist to have a second look at. The Giewont is a must see sight for those who have a chance to visit the Tatry Mountains. Skiing and mountaineering are the most common activities in this Polish mountain town. However, there are other equally stunning attractions that any tourist will have an honor of experiencing. There are several captivating sceneries and outdoor activities that one can also enjoy during their Zakopane stay. One can also take some time and learn more about the town’s rich and exciting history. 

One beauty of visiting Zakopane is the fact that it is has an actively involving schedule at any point of the year. Whether it is spring, summer or winter, one will always find an exciting activity to engage in. it is equally important that one carefully plans their visit and activities to engage in if they are to make the most of their Zakopane tour. Snowboarding and skiing are some of the outdoor activities that are synonymous with this charming town. With around five ski resorts evenly distributed within the city, one will be sure that they have reached the obvious ski paradise. The other outdoor activities that a visitor can engage in include rafting, biking and hiking. The Tatra Mountains provide an ideal hiking spot while the Dunajec River is the obvious rafting point. These adventures are spiced up with some of the most amazing sceneries. The all round weather also leaves a provision for participation in certain indoor activities.

The history of this charismatic town stretches back to the 17th century. More on the details of what happened from this period is well preserved it its must visit historical sites. The Old Graveyard, Niedizca Castle and the museums are some of the places one can visit to learn more of this intriguing history. The Morskie Oko Lake is another attraction that a tourist should visit. Located just below the majestic Tatry Mountains, this lake provides a captivating view of the impressive Giewont peaks. The Krupowki Street is a beauty that cannot be disputed. From its architecture to its restaurants, this street can be described as a phenomenon.

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