The Thrilling Settings of Zakopane

ZakopaneOne of the most beautiful destinations in Europe is Zakopane, Poland. Nestled close to the awesome Tatra Mountains, this town offers exceptional views. Tourists enjoy the sights of Zakopane’s mountain ranges. At the same time, you can enjoy Morskie Oko Lake and other landscapes here. This is a great place to visit if you love the beauty of the outdoors.

Skiers from around the world journey to this Polish destination each year. There are fine slopes here to experience. Many consider Zakopane as a romantic location to explore. Couples come here to celebrate special occasions. Travelers from various locations enjoy the nightlife and quaint feel of this town. There is something in this part of the country for everyone to enjoy. Planning a trip here will allow you to absorb the stunning settings of this area.

Selecting Accommodations

Zakopane offers visitors a selection of accommodations to choose from. Hotels here fit into every category. Hotel Murowanica is one of the locations to consider in this town. This 3-star lodging offers terrific amenities. Bellamonte Aparthotel is another accommodation in Zakopane. You will discover apartments, guest houses and resorts to consider. Guests have the option of selecting luxurious lodgings or those that are quaint.

Exploring Attractions

It is true that Zakopane is often referred to as a ski town. Although there is exciting skiing in this location, there are other things to do as well. The attractions of this town add to the overall ambiance it displays. Many travelers are intrigued by the architecture in this part of Poland. The streets of Kosceiliska and Kasprusie are terrific locations to explore. You can also enjoy the fabulous settings of Zakopane by visiting Krupowki Street. This is a fine location to find shops and restaurants.

Sampling Cuisine

The delectable fare associated with the country of Poland can be found in Zakopane. There are wonderful restaurant choices here. You can enjoy a romantic meal at the traditional U Wnuka Restaurant. This local favorite offers dishes that are delicious and customary in this part of the world. Watra is another restaurant that offers local fare like Herring in Sour Cream. Sampling the cuisine of this town is a fabulous way to experience it.

You can find something great to do every day of your stay in Zakopane. The stunning landscape of this portion of Poland creates memories. At the same time, you will enjoy exploring local history and attractions. Outdoor sports and activities also add to the beauty of this destination.

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