Things to do and see in Zakopane

ZakopaneZakopane Poland is a fascinating city filled with history, art and historical monuments.  Some people travel to Poland specifically for a Zakopane ski holiday; however, if they fail to take advantage of the sightseeing in Zakopane, they will miss all of the wonderful things to do in Zakopane in addition to having a great ski holiday.

For example, Zakopane is home to many museums that cover a wide range of topics.  The Tatra Museum gives visitors a look at the culture of the region through exhibits of folk art, fossils and a natural history section.  The Torture Museum is probably not good for children and may even bit a bit disturbing for some adults; however, it does paint an accurate picture of what happened to the inquisition.   If you want to experience an authentic home built in the Zakopane Style, visit Zakopane Style Museum.  This was the first building built in the Zakopane Style and was restored to a perfect example of a home built in this style.

For art lovers, there are two art galleries in Zakopane.  The Galleria Władysława Hasiora is located in a former sanatorium and contains the sometimes disturbing, yet wildly interesting, art of Władysława Hasiora.  Hasiora is known for his contemporary artwork that is, at times, a little unsettling.  One exhibit includes a baby doll being nailed down by a sewing machine.  A very different kind of art gallery and one that you will likely never forget.  The Witkacy Theatre Gallery contains art by famous Polish artists such as Jerzy Nowosielski, Jan Lebenstein, Wanda Warska and others.  Of course, Witkacy also displays his own artwork in the gallery.   The outside of the building has murals by local artists depicting moments from Witkacy’s plays.

Zakopane has two famous churches that are worth seeing when visiting the city.  The Hol yFamily Church was consecrated in 1899.  Tytus Chałubiński, the spiritual founder of Zakopane worked with architect Józef Dziekoński to design the church.  The outside of the church is nothing exciting but inside are beautiful works of at including Stanisław Witkiewicz’s Holy Mother of the Rosary and the painted ceiling in the presbiterium by Piotr Niziński.  St. Mary of Częstochowa Church is the second church of interest in Zakopane.  Built between 1847 and 1851, it is Zakopane’s oldest wooden church representing traditional rural architecture at its finest.  The inside of the church is plain but does contain some interesting items.  Make sure that you visit the cemetery located beside the church and vies the ornate crosses and carvings that decorate the graves.

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