Visiting Zakopane Poland This Year? It’s Easy to Book Your Flight and Hotel

Zakopane PolandThere are a lot of reasons to visit little Zakopane Poland.  It’s not a very big place (in fact, it’s a small mountain village of only about 30,000), but it packs a much bigger punch for travelers than you’d probably suspect based solely on its size.

Zakopane is situated in the beautiful, rugged Tatra Mountains – a part of the huge mountain range we call the Carpathians.  It will remind you of being in the Alps, only you’re in Eastern Europe. 

The region is one of Poland’s most popular ski and winter sports destinations, which is why many people call Zakopane the “Winter Capital of Poland.”  But skiing and snowboarding aren’t the only things you’ll want to do while you’re staying in one of the many Zakopane hotels.

For one thing, the sightseeing in the area is terrific, and so is the mountain hiking during the summer months.  If you trek through the region in the summertime you’ll see picturesque valleys and cliffs, soaring peaks that will take your breath away, and beautiful green pine forests.  Hiking lodges are scattered throughout the area and give you a place to rest yourself.  You’ll be able to stop in and rejuvenate, refueling your body with delicious, hearty Polish dishes before continuing your journey along the hiking trail.

Besides the scenic mountain hiking and world-class skiing, snowboarding and mountain climbing, a trip to Zakopane will let you see nearby Morskie Oko Lake – a favorite spot with many of the village’s visitors.  It’s a quiet, relaxing place to go after checking out some of the cultural and historic sights on and near Zakopane’s Krupowki Street.

Speaking of streets, many of the streets and lanes of this scenic mountain village are lined with interesting shops, inviting restaurants and pubs, and plenty of Zakopane hotels.  A room in any of these hotels would be easy to book if you use an online reservation site like ours.

Zakopane is in the southern part of the country, not terribly far from the Polish border with Slovakia.  It’s only a two-hour drive from Krakow, so despite its mountain location it’s not hard to get to.  While you’re staying in Zakopane, you won’t want to forget to check out the Giewont.  It’s the highest mountain in the Tatra Mountain Range, comprised of three peaks which are said to represent a sleeping knight who is waiting to awake and rescue the Polish people from some unknown future disaster.  Two of the Giewont’s three peaks can be seen from Zakopane, and it’s a must-see for anyone of Polish heritage.

If you’ll be visiting Zakopane Poland this year, it will be easy to book your flight and hotel.  They’ll only be a few clicks away after you send your browser to Zakopane Hotels.

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