What to do in Zakopane in the Summertime

ZakopaneZakopane Poland is well-known as a five-star ski destination, and there is a steady stream of travelers in and out of the country during the winter months because of it, but wintertime is not the only time that Zakopane can be an exciting city.  In addition to the cold that characterizes Zakopane the Tatra Mountains are also what make it such a great ski destination, and those mountains are what makes Zakopane also ideal for a summer vacation. 

The Tatra Mountains have much to offer for the summer traveler, especially for those who love the great outdoors.  There are numerous activities and places to be enjoyed that otherwise could not be enjoyed, or at least not enjoyed as much, during the winter months.  A few of those activities in particular will make for a very exciting Zakopane vacation.

  • See the Mountains by Quad Bike – Quad bikes are a great way to get around the Tatra Mountains during the warmer seasons.  To be sure, hiking is quite enjoyable as well, but to really get deep into the mountains this is a terrific option.  You cannot only go much further by quad bike but you will be able to get there faster, which allows for more time to stop at various spots throughout to take in the view.  And the best part is that you will have a guide that can take you to all of the best spots to see.
  • Tour Krupowki Street – Krupowki Street no doubt has much to offer during the winter, particularly around the holidays, but it is even more enjoyable during the warmer months.  During these times you cannot only linger a little more during your tour, but you can also take advantage of some of the lovely outdoor cafes and other dining spots.  You can even take a horse drawn wagon ride, which is a terrific way to see the city.
  • Mountain Sky Diving – Sky diving from the mountains is another exciting activity to be experienced during the summer months in Zakopane.  The views from the air are spectacular and there is a team dedicated to making it a safe and exciting adventure for you.  All you have to do is hire a guide, take a quick course on the rules and guidelines, and you could be soaring amidst the Tatra Mountains like a bird in no time.

Zakopane is a great winter vacation destination, but that does not mean it can’t be enjoyed in the summer too.

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