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Zakopane attractionsZakopane, Poland is probably best known for its fantastic skiing.  Visitors to Zakopane usually come to participate in various winter sports; however, there are always plenty of attractions in Zakopane each month of the year.  If you are interested in making Zakopane travel plans, you should first decide what you want to do while visiting Zakopane and then plan to travel there during the month that is best suited for your activity.

December is a wonderful time to visit Zakopane if you want to experience a traditional Polish Christmas.  The entire town is decked out in the finest Christmas decorations.  Take a traditional horse drawn sleigh ride complete with torches and horse bells.  Some ski slopes are opening for the first skiers of the season.  January brings short, cold days but it also brings with it the best Zakopane skiing conditions.  Schoolchildren have a winter break at the end of January and the beginning of February, which brings many families to Zakopane.  January and February are the best month of skiing and other winter sports activities in Zakopane.

Mount Kasprowy still has snow in April; however, the Tatra clearings are beginning to blossom with tiny crocuses as spring gets ready to come to the mountains.  May brings spring to Zakopane following by the long, sunny days of June.  May and June are perfect for walking the mountain trails or hiking the mountains.  They are also perfect for enjoying sightseeing in Zakopane.

July and August are the peak summer season for Zakopane.  Tourists flock to the mountains to climb the most popular peaks.  Many activities are held in Zakopane during these summer months including the famous Mountain Folklore Festival held in August each year.  This festival draws huge crowds to Zakopane and is a great time to visit.

September brings hikers to Zakopane, as the weather is perfect for setting out for a full day of hiking through the forest and up the mountains. Holiday crowds have dissipated somewhat by September even though there are still many things to do.  If you prefer to travel in the “off season,” September is probably a good month for you to visit Zakopane because with October, and the first snowfalls, November is right around the corner which brings the holiday crowds back again for another exciting year in Zakopane.

No matter when you visit Zakopane, make sure to find the best Zakopane attractions right here on our website!

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  1. sophie says:

    I had no idea that there was so much to do in Zakopane. I had read about this ski resort through this blog; however, I did not realize that you can find many things to do all year long in Zakopane. Of course, many people go for the skiing but I would love to visit in the summer to enjoy the mountains when they are lush and green.

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