Zakopane ski areas – – which one will you visit first?

Zakopane skiZakopane is a quaint little ski village nestled in the Tatra mountains in southern Poland.  As early as 1889, Zakopane was recognized as a health resort attracting visitors from all over Europe.  During the 1930s, Zakopane became famous as a ski resort and the unofficial winter capital of Poland.  The beauty of the Tatra mountains combined with great ski conditions and wellness centers have kept tourists flocking to this charming Zakopane ski resort year after year.

Zakopane has several different ski and snowboard areas available to visitors, each with its own unique appeal.  The ski areas are independently owned and operated so they usually compete with each other to attract skiers.  The advantage for skiers is that the competition between ski areas keeps the prices low while keeping the standards high as each owner tries to lure more skiers to their slopes than the others do.  Below is a guide to the most popular ski areas in and around Zakopane.

Zosal – Zosal is good for both beginners.  It is located about a 5-minute drive from the center of Zakopane and has several excellent runs that offer beginners a great opportunity to gain more experience.  After mastering the beginner runs, skiers can go to the top of the slope for a steeper, more challenging run to the bottom.  The cafés located around the bottom of the runs provide a great place to relax, have a drink and enjoy the great views of the Tatra Mountains.  A freestyle park offers a variety of rails and ramps for snowboarders.

Kasprowy Wierch – Skiers who want a challenge will love this area, as it is the most challenging and biggest ski area in Poland.  It is located high in the Tatra Mountains making it ideal for skiers and snowboarders searching for a challenging course surrounded by breathtaking views and scenery.

Szymoszkowa – This is the most popular ski and snowboard areas in Zakopane.  Because of its location, it  is close to the center of town, it is convenient and it always has snow because of the state of the art snow making facilities.  At the top, you will find three restaurants with another large restaurant and café waiting for you at the bottom.  Szymoszkowa offers runs that are great for beginners, intermediates and advanced skiers, which is another reason it is one of the most popular ski areas in Zakopane.

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