Zakopane Winter Activities

Zakopane Winter ActivitiesZakopane is a great place to spend some time during the winter months, after all, it is considered the winter capital of Poland.  And while most people visit Zakopane to ski specifically, there are a number of other exciting winter activities to enjoy as well.  Of course you can snowboard and ice skate, just like you can anywhere else, but when you’re on vacation you want to experience something unique to the region.  Lucky for you, Zakopane has a couple different activities to offer that are very unique.  Whether you are visiting with your mate, visiting with friends, or visiting with your family, there are two unique Zakopane Winter Activities that you will definitely enjoy.

  1. Dog Sledding – If you’re going to visit Zakopane during the winter then you have to get out and enjoy the snow, and one way to do that is by going dog sledding.  This is a unique experience that you will be able to enjoy in very few places.  Dog sledding is completely safe, but at the same time really exciting.  Dog sled rides tend to last about an hour, with a driver directing the dogs so you don’t get lost, even though the super smart huskies that pull the sleds likely already know the route you will be going.  If you really feel like having an exciting experience you can even direct the dogs yourself, although it is wonderful to sit back and relax while being pulled on a sled to.  The choice is up to you, but one thing is for sure and that is that you will certainly have fun whatever you decide.
  2. A Sleigh Ride – Just as fun as dog sledding is taking a sleigh ride, and these sleigh rides do not only take place in the city, but in the valleys that surround Zakopane as well.  The sleighs are pulled by massive, beautiful horses that are worth seeing alone, and the sleighs are reminiscent of those you might see in Christmas pictures with Santa Claus in them.  You have a number of different options in regards to the purpose of your sleigh ride to.  Whether you want to be picked up at your hotel and driven to a restaurant or you simply want to take a leisurely ride, the choice is up to you.

You definitely want to ski in Zakopane, but you should also take time to enjoy these unique snow activities.

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