Find more about Weather in Zakopane, PL

Zakopane Poland may be known to many as the “winter capital” of the entire country of Poland, but that does not mean that it is always cold in the vibrant city and tourist destination. Due to the fact that the city is characterized by a continental climate trend, the summers in Zakopane actually tend to be quite mild. There is a significant amount of rain during the summer, with the typical wet season running through May, June, July, and August, and the most rainfall taking place during July, but the summer temperatures are wonderful, maybe even perfect at times. In addition to being the rainiest month, July is also the hottest month, with average temperatures running between 54 and 74 degrees Fahrenheit. Due to the frequency of rainfall July is not the sunniest month, but there is still an ample amount of sunshine during the summer months to enjoy.

Spring is the season characterized by the most sun, which typically shows itself more during the latter part of the season. March marks the beginning of the spring season in Zakopane, starting off with significant cold, windy weather, but turning into one of the nicest seasons of the four. Through May the temperatures continue to rise but the sun begins to be obscured by rain clouds more as summer draws nearer. Average temperatures at the beginning of spring hover between approximately 30 – 45 degrees, and at the end of the summer the average temperatures are considerably higher, typically falling somewhere between 51 and 70 degrees.

The Autumn season in Zakopane starts off much like the summer ends, warm and considerably wet, but the rain fades away early in the fall and you end up with a beautiful season. The fall season begins in September and lasts typically through November, at which time is starts getting colder, you see more fog, and the air starts to get that damp feel. The beginning of Autumn is generally characterized by temperatures between about 47 and 65 degrees, but the end of fall tends to see lower temperatures, generally between approximately 32 and 44 degrees. This almost seems warm, though, compared to the frigid temperatures that characterize winters in Zakopane.

December starts off the winter season in Zakopane, and although the winter is usually characterized by pretty cold temperatures it is the season that Zakopane gets the most visitors. Snowfall generally begins in December, although January tends to be the driest month out of the whole year, and ski travel starts right from the beginning. Even when there is not a significant amount of snow in the lower lying areas, the mountains still have plenty of snow for skiing. Temperatures during the coldest part of the winter, which is usually January, range between somewhere around 20 – 32 degrees Fahrenheit in January, and do not get much higher during the month of February.

The great thing about Zakopane weather is that there is a clear distinction between four individual seasons, and each season has something unique to offer. Any time of year you visit you will surely be able to appreciate the weather that characterizes the city in some way.