Zakopane Romantic Getaway

There are many places in the world that are known as romantic getaway destinations, and in those places that is the number one reason for visiting. But there are plenty of places throughout the world that may not be known as the ultimate romantic getaway destinations, but that do offer their own romance all the same. Zakopane Poland is one of those places and you really have to see it to believe just how romantic the town can be. From the views of the captivating Tatra Mountain range and the breathtaking Morskie Oko Lake, to the vibrant yet romantic nightlife, to the romance that is Zakopane’s history, there truly is romance around every corner in Zakopane.

There are many ways that you can make your stay in Zakopane romantic, many which do not even involve you having to do much more than arrive. The town has everything you need already and puts it all right at your fingertips. Being that the town is so small, in regards to size anyway, but definitely in the way of offerings, it is easy to get to everywhere that you will want to go during your romantic getaway. But aside from the town living and breathing romanticism itself, there are some specific steps you can take to make your stay in Zakopane more romantic on a more personal level as well. There are a few things specifically that you can attend to before you arrive in Zakopane to ensure that romance is present in every part of your day, every day during your stay.

  • Arrange for Romantic Accommodations – When it comes to a romantic getaway, of course, the most important thing is the accommodations that you spend your time in. When you go to a place like Zakopane you have many unique options to choose from. If you want to be right in the village you can choose a modern hotel right in the village with great views of the Tatra Mountains, or you can choose something a little more historic with views of Krupowki Street, or you can even choose to stay in one of the old villa style Zakopane hotels that are a testament to the beauty of Zakopane architecture. If you are looking for something with a little more seclusion and privacy you have many options as well, the most popular, and the most romantic, being a charming little ski chalet. There are many of these available, at varying levels in the mountains. Often these ski chalets come equipped with a fireplace, which is an absolute must for any romantic getaway in the mountains, so ski chalets offer a certain level of romance that you do not find in many places. There are ski lodges both inside and outside of town, though, that offer fireplace equipped rooms as well, so if this is what you prefer you are still in luck. The decision as to where you stay during your Zakopane romantic getaway should not be taken lightly, as this is the single most important part of a romantic vacation.
  • Preorder Delivery of Flowers – One great way to add romance to your romantic Zakopane getaway is to preorder delivery of flowers for your room or your ski chalet. Flowers are not only a delightful thing to feast your eyes upon when entering a room, but they also leave behind a wonderful sweet scent as well. Whether you order a bouquet of your mate’s favorite flowers or you fill the room with some of the most common local flowers, it will be a treat be enjoyed by both you and your loved one. Zakopane has some breathtaking flowers that grow among the region during warmer months, and what better ways to immerse yourself into all that is Zakopane than to enjoy such indigenous wonders? And at the same time you will just be adding more romance to your holiday.
  • Arrange for a Romantic Gift Delivery – What man or woman doesn’t love a romantic gift every now and then? But gifts are so much more fun if the other person doesn’t know anything about it, and they are sure to realize something is going on if you shop for a gift with that person in the vicinity. Fortunately, there are plenty of local shops in Zakopane at which you could preorder a romantic gift to have waiting in your Zakopane hotel room, villa, or ski chalet when you and your mate arrive there. No worrying about finding time alone to go buy a special gift when you get there, and no having to try to hide anything. Whether it is a fine piece of jewelry, a delicious bottle of bubbly, or a basket of locally made toiletries, there are so many ways to start your stay in Zakopane off right, with romance right from the start.
  • Set-Up a Romantic Dinner Date – Finally, as if this was not already a given, it is a good idea to set up a romantic dinner date prior to arriving in Zakopane. I say this because, by making your reservation ahead of time you can do your research in order to find the perfect place. You are going to be staying in a town that you know very little about, especially when it comes to local businesses and establishments, so if you simply walk into town and pick a restaurant you might not get exactly what you are looking for. On the other hand, when you search the restaurants in Zakopane before you leave for your holiday you can take time to read reviews, look at pictures of the restaurants, and read over the menus before you ever step foot into a restaurant at all. This way you won’t end up in a casual highlander restaurant when what you are looking for is something a little more romantic and on the fine dining side. And we all know how important the right ambiance is for a romantic dining experience, so plan ahead and get it right and you will get exactly the response you are looking for.

It may seem like a task to make so many plans before your romantic getaway to Zakopane, but your holiday will be all the more enjoyable when you can just get there and start enjoying it together right away. These are only a few of the ways to add to the romance that will already be all over in Zakopane, and adding more romance can only make your romantic getaway even better than you expected, which is surely something that you won’t hear many people complaining about.